Tech Expert Since 2020

Our mission is crystal clear: To empower the individuals and businesses above the border by providing services that make a meaningful difference. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and sustainability is the cornerstone of our mission.

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Our Services

We Provide The Best- Solutions For You

We provide a vast range of outsourcing services leaving you with major ones. Collaborating with us for multiple services would be hassle-free for you.

01    Admin Support

Hire a dedicated and highly professional administrative support team through Brandix Pro to handle this essential operation of your business over the border.

Find the most suitable creatives on Brandix Pro to transform the narratives of your business into exciting content for your target audience.

Brandix Pro is an expert in providing exceptional and cost-effective leadership and management services so you can focus on your core operations

Our professional marketing talents enable your business to reach the target audience, enhance the brand’s visibility, and boost growth.

Our technical experts are designed to be your trusted trouble-shooters, problem- solvers, and technology allies.

Let us be partners in transforming your sales approach, creating lasting customer relationships, and achieving remarkable business success.


Why To Offshore?

Offshoring enables businesses to improve their operational efficiency, focus on core functions, save labour costs and achieve scalability, ultimately contributing to increased competitiveness in the global market.

Expand Your Business

Outsourcing unburdens you and takes the responsibility of expanding your business up to 2X.

Increase Creativity

Get your traditional projects done innovatively through our proven tech savvies.

Cost Effective

Our innovative solutions guarantee increase in cost-to-benefit ratio, with reductions of up to 75%.

Fast Delivery

Our primary objective is ensuring a 70% ultra- swift task delivery.

Low Hourly Rate

SAVE 30% by hiring our competent shared agents at a low hourly rate.



Brandix Pro has made several teams of professionals working for others globally. We believe in efficient operations with high customer satisfaction. Using strict technical tools and screening protocols brings us the perfect teams.

Shared Team

This service will help you extend your current team, provide customer support for the soft launch of your product.

Dedicated Team

Get a dedicated team of specialists who are focused on your customers only. Many companies start building their remote teams with this package.

Dedicated Team Turn Key

A dedicated team of professionals with a personal managment team integrated into your company structure. We are a remote extension of your in-house