Global Administrative Mastery

Brandix Pro builds a team of highly skilled personnel to offer expert services for your business. It benefits you in cost savings, as we help companies access skilled labour at a lower expense. Additionally, you can reach a global talent pool, acquiring diverse skills and expertise.

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What We DO

Admin Support

Administrative functions play a great role in running any business. However, completing these tasks by your core operation team results in your brand’s dysfunctionality. Hire a dedicated and highly professional administrative support team through Brandix Pro to handle this essential operation of your business over the border. Focus on your day-to-day operations efficiently by carefree handing over your administrative tasks to our skilled teams.

Some of the most effective administrative roles hired through us are:

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Virtual Assistance
We understand the work demands of modern businesses. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of virtual assistance services designed to lighten your workload and propel your productivity to new heights. Virtual assistance has revolutionised the way businesses operate in the digital era. It involves remote professionals who excel in administrative, technical, or specialised tasks to support businesses efficiently.
Back Office Support
By delegating non-core tasks of back-office support services to offshore locations, companies can benefit from reduced operational costs while maintaining high-quality service standards. This approach drives cost savings and ensures scalability, flexibility, and often 24/7 support, contributing significantly to the organisation's overall growth.
Customer Service
Offshoring customer services involves entrusting customer support to skilled professionals in different global regions. While maintaining service quality and ensuring seamless communication is crucial, offshoring enables companies to scale their support operations efficiently, optimise resource allocation, reduce labour costs and focus on core business operations.
Content Moderator Services
Beyond upholding platform standards, content moderators play a critical role in safeguarding users from encountering disturbing or harmful content, developing a positive user experience, and maintaining the platform's integrity and reputation. Offshoring such tasks to companies providing the same services at a lesser cost can benefit your business.
Documentation Services
By maintaining well-organised and up-to-date documentation, businesses can enhance efficiency, facilitate knowledge sharing, and meet regulatory standards, ultimately contributing to improved decision-making and operational excellence. Offshoring documenting operations can immensely unburden you with little investment.
Email Management
Email management for a brand involves a strategic and systematic approach to handling incoming and outgoing emails efficiently. It involves utilising email as a powerful communication tool to build relationships, nurture leads, and reinforce the brand's image. Getting your email management services done by experts in these services can save you from hefty labour costs.
Meeting Support Services
Meeting support services involve the operation required for conducting business meetings. From initial planning and coordination to execution and follow-up, these services aim to enhance the efficiency and productivity of meetings. Handing the meeting support tasks to the service providers over the border can be a golden opportunity to focus on your core functions fully.
Research And Analytic Services
Research and analytics are the driving force behind informed decision-making and strategic planning for businesses. Such services cover many activities, from market research and trend analysis to data interpretation and predictive modelling. By delegating these tasks to offshore teams, businesses can obtain high-quality insights at reduced costs, enabling better decision-making.
Order Processing Services
Offshoring order processing services increase efficiency, reduce errors, and speed up the delivery of goods or services to clients by utilising technological tools and optimised workflows. Businesses can increase customer satisfaction, uphold inventory accuracy, and spur growth by streamlining these processes done by professional teams.
HR Support
HR support services include several essential tasks to maximise business human resource management. Offshoring HR support typically includes payroll processing, benefits administration, and employee record management. It also extends to providing remote assistance for recruitment, onboarding, and handling HR-related queries.
Legal and Compliance Support
Legal and compliance support services ensure an enterprise's adherence to laws, regulations, and industry standards. Skilled professionals provide valuable insights into local laws and regulations, ensuring the company operates within legal boundaries. Moreover, offshoring offers flexibility in scaling operations, round-the-clock support, and access to a broader talent pool.
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Title needed

Title Needed

Brandix Pro has made several teams of professionals working for others globally. We believe in efficient operations with high customer satisfaction. Using strict technical tools and screening protocols brings us the perfect teams.

Shared Team

This service will help you extend your current team, provide customer support for the soft launch of your product.

Dedicated Team

Get a dedicated team of specialists who are focused on your customers only. Many companies start building their remote teams with this package.

Dedicated Team Turn Key

A dedicated team of professionals with a personal managment team integrated into your company structure. We are a remote extension of your in-house