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Our mission is crystal clear: To empower the individuals and businesses above the border by providing services that make a meaningful difference. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and sustainability is the cornerstone of our mission.

What We DO

Our Story

Our story begins with Brandix Soft, for which the first brick was laid in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic brought a seismic shift in how businesses operate. Lockdowns and quarantine measures halted the physical companies. People were made to stay at home with 50% or No salaries. Exploring another way to earn was the need of an hour. Two friends took the initiative to deliver online marketing services in the UK.

It started with few but passionate employees. They worked together to uplift the sales and expand the company’s reach, transforming it into a thriving enterprise. Our team’s dedication and collaborative efforts not only boosted sales but also developed a culture of innovation and excellence within the organisation, laying the foundation for sustained growth and success.

After achieving massive success in 2023, the owners decided to add other services to their business, including admin support, creative services, managerial services, business development, etc., and to provide them to different businesses globally. The vision behind this decision was to deliver expertise in non-core operations linked with every business so that the clients could focus on their core functions. This way, Brandix Pro came into existence, now serving various services to businesses running in different countries.

What We Offer

Why Brandix Pro?

Brandix Pro has made several teams of professionals working for others globally. We believe in efficient operations with high customer satisfaction. Using strict technical tools and screening protocols brings us the perfect teams.

Choosing Brandix Pro brings your business from the tenth stair to the hundredth, saving you from utility bills, space accommodation, software buying, and installation. We’re trusted worldwide for our proficient personnel, quality standards, and smooth working profile.

We believe in Synergy. Building an excellent collaboration between globally progressive businesses and the team of professionals is our prime concern, leading to boosted productivity. At Brandix Pro, we choose certified and qualified teammates who can efficiently serve you.

Our team’s competence, comradeship, and dedication toward business growth make us pro. We offer various outsourcing tasks, including creative working, design and development, management services, customer support and many more. You would not regret joining us

High standard services
We firmly believe in providing exceptional services that cultivate trust from our clients in return.
Security and reliability
We are genuine in providing 24/7 services to our clients. Implementing cutting-edge technologies for data security.
We value our client’s needs and expectations. That’s why we have long-term customers.
We are quick to adapt to advanced technologies in this fast-paced era. This is what we’re experts at.
Passionate teams
Our dedicated teams ensure client satisfaction through their skilled and unique work.

Brandix Pro Gives You.

01    Account Handling

Brandix Pro is equipped with a highly supportive backup system handling your accounts linked with us. You’ll be served 24/7 in case of any unwanted circumstance.

02    Technical Tools

You are given access to multiple technical tools to have a complete check on the performance and communicate with the team members.

03    Recruitment

Brandix Pro hires the best fitting professionals through preliminary certification testing followed by in-process quality checks. Communication skills, a sense of community, and devotion are requisites in our team members.

04    Record Keeping

Professionalism is our priority. We maintain the records of team members, contracts with brands, and day-to-day activities. You are provided with the latest reports regarding performance as well.

05    HR Management

We aim to create a friendly environment benefiting the efficient operation. Our incredible HR team is perfectly managing the collaboration of clients and teams.

Operational Manager
Mohsin Ali

Operational Manager

Head of Talent Acquisition
Sumbal Ali

Head of Talent Acquisition

Technical Head
Taimoor Ali

Technical Head

Head of Customer Service
Bushra Pervaiz

Head of Customer Service

Sales Manager
Ameer Hamza

Sales Manager

Marketing Manager
M Shehroz

Marketing Manager

Content Manager
Anum Khalid

Content Manager

Accounts Manager
Talha Ali

Accounts Manager