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Our mission is crystal clear: To empower the individuals and businesses above the border by providing services that make a meaningful difference. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and sustainability is the cornerstone of our mission.

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Industries we support

We maintain highly complex team structures evolving every second

Banking and Financial

Offshoring plays a pivotal role in uplifting the efficiency and competitiveness of the Banking and Finance industry. By strategically relocating some of your business process operations to countries with low-cost labour markets and specialised expertise, financial institutes can save costs while maintaining the quality of services. Brandix Pro will provide expert Banking and finance services as a leading service provider.

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HealthTech and Wellness

HealthTech and wellness industry advancement can be possible through offshoring that drives innovation and improves healthcare services globally. It also aids in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the health department. Our professionals can serve you through exceptional services, including Healthcare software development, Telemedicine, Data analytics and health informatics, Healthcare CRM and mobile app development, etc.

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Offshoring is a strategic catalyst for the hi-tech industry propelling innovation, agility and cost-effectiveness to a new height. By tapping into the global talent pool, hi-tech companies gain access to engineers, developers, and other specialists, fostering rapid product development and technological advancements. We can serve you with, Software development, Quality assurance, IT infrastructure and cloud services, Cyber security, Digital marketing and many more.

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Travel and Hospitality

Offshoring plays a vital role in strengthening the travel and hospitality industry, driving efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Transferring your travel booking services to global destinations empowers the company by ensuring that traveller receives assistance around the clock. We offer you many digital services, including Travel booking and ticketing, Back office operations, Social media management, Billing and invoicing, Travel planning and execution, Multi-lingual Support and many more.

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Streaming and Entertainment

Offshoring is a key driver of the streaming and entertainment sector’s success in today’s digital era. Utilising this option, streaming platforms and entertainment companies can accelerate content creation, enhance scalability, and maintain cost-effectiveness. Through offshoring, you can optimise the operational costs, enabling the industry to thrive, innovate and constantly attract the audience towards your content. Brandix Pro provides you services including Content creation, Scriptwriting, Audio and Video editing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, IT Support, Content Protection and much more.

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Retail and E-commerce

Retail and e-commerce industries can immensely grow through offshoring. This allows them to scale their operations seamlessly, especially during peak seasons, while reducing operational costs. It empowers companies by offering efficient shopping experiences to customers, expanding their global reach, and keeping competitive in this fast-growing world. What do you get from us? Customer support, E-commerce website development and maintenance, Order Processing and Fulfilment, Digital marketing and SEO, Content creation and marketing, Payment processing and fraud detection, customer feedback management, etc.

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Outsourcing offshore can be highly beneficial for the utilities sector. By handing over their specific operational functions to other countries, utility companies can streamline work, reduce overhead costs, and optimise resource allocation. Brandix Pro can provide you with Customer support, Data entry and management, Billing and invoicing, IT infrastructure management, Data analytics and reporting, Supply chain and procurement, Document management, Finance services, etc.

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Delivery and Logistics

Offshoring is a driving force behind the rapidly evolving delivery and logistics industry by amplifying efficiency and scalability. Getting your logistic tasks done from countries with low labour costs can fine-tune core operations and flourish your business growth. It enables you to deliver round-the-clock services to your customers. We serve you with Data entry and order processing, IT support, Website development, Digital marketing and SEO, Market research and analytics, Inventory Record management, etc.

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Brandix Pro Gives You.

01    Account Handling

Brandix Pro is equipped with a highly supportive backup system handling your accounts linked with us. You’ll be served 24/7 in case of any unwanted circumstance.

02    Technical Tools

You are given access to multiple technical tools to have a complete check on the performance and communicate with the team members.

03    Recruitment

Brandix Pro hires the best fitting professionals through preliminary certification testing followed by in-process quality checks. Communication skills, a sense of community, and devotion are requisites in our team members.

04    Record Keeping

Professionalism is our priority. We maintain the records of team members, contracts with brands, and day-to-day activities. You are provided with the latest reports regarding performance as well.

05    HR Management

We aim to create a friendly environment benefiting the efficient operation. Our incredible HR team is perfectly managing the collaboration of clients and teams.



Brandix Pro has made several teams of professionals working for others globally. We believe in efficient operations with high customer satisfaction. Using strict technical tools and screening protocols brings us the perfect teams.

Shared Team

This service will help you extend your current team, provide customer support for the soft launch of your product.

Dedicated Team

Get a dedicated team of specialists who are focused on your customers only. Many companies start building their remote teams with this package.

Dedicated Team Turn Key

A dedicated team of professionals with a personal managment team integrated into your company structure. We are a remote extension of your in-house